This unofficial collection of links comes to you from one of UNLV's undergraduate students: Randy Agtarap.


Your Online Las Vegas Tour!

For 'the' city that never sleeps, Las Vegas offers an array of shopping outlets providing the ultimate shopping experience. From souvenirs to elaborate luxury items. Las Vegas has it all!


For those who wish to experience Las Vegas attractions in person, these sites will offer you the oppurtunity of a lifetime.


Best Free Shows
Not of all Las Vegas's wonderful shows come with a hefty price tag. These shows also offer stupendous entertainment for the price of FREE!


Las Vegas is well known for its neon lights, gambling, and FOOD! Of course, food can be found just about everywhere in Las Vegas, the follwing link will list some of my favorit culinary locations.


Just because you work hard does not mean you cannot play hard. The rest is up to you!


Las Vegas can be overwhelming at times, but it also offers a chance to sit back and relax through its thought-provoking shows.