SPAA 2021 Accepted Brief Announcement

Gali Sheffi, Maurice Herlihy and Erez Petrank. VBR: Version Based Reclamation

Nathan Beckmann, Phillip B. Gibbons and Charles McGuffey. Block-Granularity-Aware Caching

Sakib Chowdhury and Wojciech Golab. Brief Announcement: A Scalable Recoverable Skip List for Persistent Memory

Diego Cepeda and Wojciech Golab. PHPRX: An Efficient Hash Table for Persistent Memory

Adam Gancorz, Tomasz Jurdzinski, Mateusz Lewko and Andrzej Pelc. Deterministic Size Discovery and Topology Recognition in Radio Networks with Short Labels

Ramtin Afshar, Michael T. Goodrich, Pedro Matias and Martha C. Osegueda. Parallel Network Mapping Algorithms

David Gureya, João Barreto and Vladimir Vlassov. BALM: QoS-Aware Memory Bandwidth Partitioning for Multi-Socket Cloud Nodes

Evgeniy Feder, Ichha Rathod, Punit Shyamsukha, Robert Sama, Vitaly Aksenov, Iosif Salem and Stefan Schmid. Lazy Self-Adjusting Bounded-Degree Networks for the Matching Model

Yifan Xu, Anchengcheng Zhou, Grace Yin, Kunal Agrawal, I-Ting Angelina Lee and Tao B. Schardl. Efficient Access History for Race Detection

Yaodong Sheng, Ahmed Hassan and Michael Spear. Semantic Conflict Detection for Transactional Data Structure Libraries

Andrew Berns. Network Scaffolding for Efficient Stabilization of the Chord Overlay Network

Rui Li, Yufan Xu, Aravind Sukumaran-Rajam, Atanas Rountev and P Sadayappan. Efficient distributed algorithms for Convolutional Neural Networks

Subhash Bhagat and Anisur Rahaman Molla. Brief Announcement: Min-Max Gathering of Oblivious Robots