SPAA'98: SPAA Revue

The SPAA Revue was held for the first time last year at SPAA'97. Due to favorable feedback, we are holding it again at SPAA'98, with the same format.

The SPAA Revue session will feature invited presentations, posters, and demonstrations of current research.

Presentations will be selected by the SPAA Revue Chair based on technical quality and interest to the SPAA community, with the goal of providing a diverse set of presentations that supplement and complement the papers selected for the regular technical sessions of SPAA. Among the selected presentations will be

Posters selected for the SPAA Revue will be displayed all four days of the SPAA'98 conference. During the SPAA Revue, poster authors will be available to discuss their posters with conference attendees.

The SPAA Revue is designed to provide additional opportunities for technical presentations and discussions, outside the constraints of the formal SPAA conference.

The SPAA Revue is planned for one of the middle days of the conference, in an afternoon session.

Call for participation:

Interested Revue participants should contact the Revue chair, Eric J. Schwabe, at by February 20, 1998. Please include a tentative title and one page abstract for each proposed presentation.

The slate of selected Revue presenters will be determined no later than March 23, 1998.

Revue presentations are not considered "publications" in SPAA '98, and will not appear in the SPAA'98 proceedings, allowing for presentations of work in progress as well as work submitted/appearing elsewhere. All selected presenters should provide final titles and abstracts for their presentations by April 7, 1998; these will be collected and distributed at the conference in lieu of any formal SPAA Revue "proceedings". All electronic and printed announcements of the SPAA'98 conference program will also include the SPAA Revue program, listing Revue authors and titles.

Summary of important dates:

February 20, 1998:   One-page abstracts due for submitted presentations.
March 10, 1998:   SPAA'98 program committee recommends additional presentations for SPAA Revue.
March 23, 1998:   Invitations sent out for selected presentations (both submitted and invited presentations).
April 7, 1998:   Camera-ready one-page abstracts due for all Revue presentations.