Local Information


  • ACM PODC and ACM SPAA will be held at La Cité des Congrès de Nantes.
  • A public transport pass will be offered to you alongside your badge.
  • Here are a list of hotels and a list of restaurants.
  • You can get a 5% discount at Hotel de La Cité (code “ACM PODC” or “AMC SPAA”).
  • Get discounts in many restaurants and shops.

About Nantes

Nantes, a vibrant city in western France, is renowned for its rich history and dynamic cultural scene. Situated at the confluence of the Loire and Erdre rivers, 50 km from the Atlantic coast, it offers a picturesque blend of historic architecture and innovative modern developments. Nantes was founded as a port on the Loire during classical antiquity. It became the capital of the independent Duchy of Brittany in the late Middle Ages, before becoming France’s largest port in the 17th century.

In the 21st century, Nantes ranks as the sixth- largest city in France with a population of approximately 330,000 inhabitants. The city is famed for Les Machines de l’Île, an artistic project that features giant mechanical creatures, and the majestic Château des Ducs de Bretagne, which narrates Nantes’ storied past. Nantes also boasts lush green spaces and a bustling culinary scene, making it a perfect blend of tradition and contemporary urban living. It has been commended for its quality of life and was awarded the European Green Capital Award. The Commission highlighted the city’s efforts to reduce air pollution and its commitment to biodiversity, noting its 3,366 hectares of green spaces.

How to come to Nantes

If you’re traveling from within Europe, taking a train is a convenient choice. Nantes is well-connected by the French railway network, with regular TGV (high-speed train) services from major cities like Paris, which is just a 2-hour journey away. 

For international travelers, flying into Nantes-Atlantique Airport is the most direct route. The airport serves numerous European destinations and offers connecting flights from international hubs. Upon arrival at the airport, you can easily reach the city center via a 20-minute shuttle bus ride or a taxi. The shuttle ticket can be purchased at the airport for 10€. 
You can find more information here.

Public transportation in Nantes

Nantes offers an efficient and reliable public transportation system operated by NAOLIB. This system includes tramways, buses, busways, and the unique Navibus ferry service, which navigates along the Loire and Erdre Rivers. The tramway system is particularly notable for its extensive coverage, connecting major tourist attractions such as the historic city center, Les Machines de l’Île, and the Château des Ducs de Bretagne

A week-long public transport pass will be offered to all participants alongside their badge. Additionally, public transportation in Nantes is free on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Please note that this does not include the shuttle service between the airport and the city center.


ACM PODC and ACM SPAA will be held in conjunction at La Cité des Congrès de Nantes. Nestled in the heart of Nantes, La Cité des Congrès stands as a premier convention center known for its modern architecture and state-of-the-art facilities. La Cité des Congrès is celebrated for its eco-friendly design and commitment to sustainability, embodying the vibrant, innovative spirit of Nantes. Created over 30 year ago, La Cité Nantes Congress Centre has made a name for itself among the top French convention centres. As an economic and cultural tool of global exposure, it is home to the most stunning French and global events and actively contributes to the reputation, attractiveness and development of the region.

La Cité des Congrès is directly connected to busway line 4 at the “Cité des Congrès” station. It is also a 5-minute walk from tramway line 1 at the “Duchesse Anne-Château” station, and a 10-minute walk from lines 2 and 3 at the “Hotel Dieu” and “Aimé Delrue” stations. You can find more information here.

More precisely, the congresses will be held in the Upper Foyer. After entering the convention center through the main gate, head to the back of the Great Hall and take the escalator up.

Accommodation and Local Amenities

La Cité des Congrès is situated within walking distance from many hotels and B&B in the city center of Nantes. More comprehensive lists of hotels can be found on the Voyage à Nantes and La Cité websites.

You can benefit from a special offer from our partner l’Hôtel De La Cité (300 meters away from La Cité des Congrès), by entering the code “ACM PODC” or the code “ACM SPAA” upon booking on their Website.

Apart from the gala dinner at La Pigossière on Wednesday, June 19th, dinners are not organized by the conference. You can find a list of many bars and restaurants in the downtown area on the Les Tables De Nantes website.

During your stay in Nantes, a large range of restaurants, savory and souvenir boutiques are glad to offer you discounts in their shops, gifts on purchase and many other offers, on presentation of your delegate badge. You can find more information below.


Nantes time zone is the Central European Time (GMT + 2 hours).

Voltage and sockets vary from country to country, therefore an adapter and a transformer may be necessary: the standard domestic electricity supply in France is single phase 220 volts, 50 Hz.

Tourism Around Nantes

Summer in Nantes and its surroundings offers a multitude of attractive activities for all tastes. 

For nature enthusiasts, a trip to the Bay of La Baule, with its extensive beaches and crystal-clear waters, is a must. The stunning Atlantic coast is just a short drive away, offering beautiful beaches perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and water sports. 

Nature lovers will appreciate the scenic hiking and biking trails in the nearby Brière Regional Natural Park

Wine lovers will enjoy a visit to the region’s vineyards, especially the famous Muscadet vineyards, where they can taste local wines. You can explore the picturesque vineyards of the Loire Valley, known for producing exquisite wines, and enjoy wine tasting tours. 

History is within reach with the châteaux of the Loire, a collection of majestic castles scattered along the river. For a unique experience, visit the medieval town of Guérande, famous for its salt marshes and well-preserved city walls. Additionally, the picturesque town of Clisson, with its unique Italianate architecture and serene river setting, is a hidden gem just a short drive from Nantes, offering a tranquil escape into a setting that feels like a piece of Italy in the heart of France.

Saint-Nazaire, renowned for its historic shipyards and stunning seaside landscapes, provides an intriguing blend of industrial heritage and coastal charm, making it a worthwhile destination for those interested in maritime history.

Finally, the summer months in Nantes are marked by various festivals and outdoor events, showcasing local music, art, cuisine, exhibitions, and street performances, making it an ideal time to experience the rich cultural life of the region.