SPAA'98: Call for Papers

Postscript copy of the SPAA'98 Call for Papers

The Tenth Annual ACM Symposium on Parallel Algorithms and Architectures (SPAA'98) is sponsored by the ACM Special Interest Groups for Algorithms Complexity Theory (SIGACT) and Computer Architecture (SIGARCH) and organized in cooperation with the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science.

Contributed Papers

Contributed papers are sought in the areas of parallel algorithms and architectures, at all levels of parallelism, from VLSI to instruction-level parallelism to SMPs to supercomputers.

A major goal of SPAA is to foster communication and cooperation among the diverse communities involved in the theory and practice of parallel computing, including those involved in systems, algorithms, languages, and applications.

Papers should present original, fundamental advances in parallel computing.

The Symposium encourages papers that

Papers must not be submitted to any other conference with published proceedings.

New This Year


The deadline for submissions is January 16, 1998 17:00 EST.

Deadline extension

In response to many requests for extensions, the deadline for submissions has been extended. All electronic or hardcopy submissions must arrive by January 21, 1998, 17:00 EST. There will be no further extensions.

Inquiries may be addressed to:

Ms. Amy Axelrod
phone: (908) 582-4707
fax: (908) 582-1239

Paper Submission Format

The cover page should include (1) title, (2) authors and affiliation, (3) e-mail address of the contact author, and (4) a brief abstract describing the work. The draft should include an introduction understandable to a nonspecialist including motivation and previous work and a technical exposition directed to a specialist. It should not exceed 10 printed pages in 11-point type or larger (excluding cover, figures, and references). More details may be supplied in a clearly marked appendix to be read at the discretion of the Program Committee.The separate cover page required for submitted papers helps expedite the handling of submissions and does not imply blind reviewing of papers.


Authors will be sent notification of acceptance or rejection by e-mail on or before March 10, 1998. A camera-ready copy of each accepted paper, prepared according to ACM guidelines, must be received by April 7, 1998. Accepted papers will be allotted a 25-minute presentation at the conference.

SPAA Revue

A SPAA Revue session will be held in conjunction with SPAA'98, with invited presentations, posters, and demonstrations of current research.

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