Fees (in US$)

  • Full paper ($75) and Brief Announcements ($50). The amounts do not change whether the registration type is Member or Non-Member.
  • At most two extra pages can be purchased at the cost of $100 each for each full paper.
  • At most one extra page can be purchased at the cost of $100 each for each BA paper.
  • There is no early registration fee.

The registration link is here (or visit

Additional Information

  • In order for a paper to be included in the SPAA 2021 proceedings, each accepted paper must be registered. Authors with multiple papers should pay multiple registration fees.
  • The registration costs are solely supporting the publication costs.
  • The attendance of SPAA is  free of charge. Attendees without an accepted papers should not register through the above link but additional informations will be provided soon to attend the virtual conference.
  • Authors of Full Papers and Brief Announcements will be contacted shortly with instructions on how to upload the video of their presentations.